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19 all time. 64. The tantalizing aroma had brought the jaw-dropping buck out of hiding to investigate. 1 typical in South Carolina came out of Pickens County in 1994. Among the accomplishments includes the recently concluded Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt initiative, which in 10 years conserved or enhanced 5.3 million acres of critical wildlife habitat, recruited 1.5 million new or lapsed hunters, and opened new access to 750,000 acres for hunting and recreation. You are participating in a data collection system that started in the 1920s and was refined by Club members in 1950. A look at the Pope & Young record book shows that since 2010, Meigs County down south leads the state with 44 entries. All Rights Reserved. Overall, the buck has a 21 5/8-inch inside spread, 23- and 25 6/8-inch main beams, and mass measurements ranging from 5 to 8 6/8 inches. Not one of its mass measurements reaches the 5-inch mark, and the inside spread is only 18 1/8 inches. With 25 points, an 18 1/8-inch inside spread, 26 7/8- and 27-inch beams, and moderate mass, its a great whitetail. It has a total of 17 points, a 22 6/8-inch inside spread, and mass measurements ranging from 4 2/8 to 6 1/8 inches. Massive Tranquility Wildlife Area jumps out as the most popular public deer hunting area in Adams County, according to Beatty. At No. It ranks No. The deer has 19 points, over 23-inch main beams, and a 21 1/8-inch inside spread. 81 all-time. 95. The Tucker buck from Sumner County was at one time the largest hunter-harvested nontypical. Especially for top end bucks (160" plus) but F-n-F is correct, not an acre of public hunting. 150 all-time. Overall, it features a huge 76 configuration, plus a short abnormal point. We worked with Boone & Crockett (B&C) to scour their records books and identify the Buckeye States top counties for relinquishing whitetails with record-book qualifying racks over the past half- decade. The tip-to-tip spread is 21 7/8 inches, and the inside spread is 27 5/8 inches, which is also astounding. This 14-point, 198 3/8-inch buck is officially the largest typical ever arrowed in Ohio and ranks No. It has 25 6/8- and 28 3/8-inch beams and a 19 5/8-inch inside spread. In the above video, NWTF's Jason Burckhalter talks about the group's accomplishments and future plans with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Rather, it was picked up in Lee County, Alabama, more than three and a half decades ago by George P. Mann. This map reveals the top eight states for all-time B&C whitetail entries, plus a few bonus states. Its beam lengths are eye-popping at 28 4/8 and 28 6/8 inches. Colorado, Eagle County--67 typical mule deer in B&C records 21. Only two bucks taken in the past 30 years come within 10 inches of the top spot. The buck has a total of 16 pointsfour of which are abnormal. Oh, and like seven drop tines doesnt hurt. Nevada, White Pine County--28 typical American elk in B&C records Ohio The Ohio record nontypical wasn . The state park, which includes a 120-acre lake, offers camping and rustic cabins for hunters. Who doesnt love the club hanging off that right side? 9. 55. The left side main beam is slightly longer at 29 inches, while the right side is 27 7/8 inches. When the 39-pointer showed up, Beatty no doubt forgot entirely about the deer that had avoided him. Kevin Miller shot it in Kent County, which is known for big whitetails. 24 deer all-time. Wisconsin continues to rank at the top with 1,822 total entries, followed by Illinois (1,445 . Chuck snort wheezed at a 170+ inch buck and he proceeded to put on a show by working a scrape and making a rub. The Fulton buck was bagged in 1995 in Winston County. Just $1 per month , The biggest typical whitetail deer, to be specific. During the 2017-2018 season, Meade and Ohio . This tract has tons of breath taking mountain views . Both main beams are over 30 inches, and the inside spread is an impressive 28 5/8 inches. In fact, he became an Official Measurer in 2019. 80. Minnesota, St. Louis County--37 non-typical whitetail deer in B&C records The counties with the most all-time entries include Butler (129), Barber (107), Comanche (87), Greenwood (74) and Sumner (73). California, Siskiyou County--66 typical Columbia blacktail deer in B&C records Iowa continues to rank #3 for Boone and Crockett Club trophy whitetail with 1,330 total entries in the recently released sixth edition of the Club's "Records of North American Whitetail Deer." The 688-page book compiles state and provincial data of trophy whitetail deer and showcases states like Iowa that institute successful conservation measures to support healthy deer populations. During life http://www.ohiodnr.com/wildlife/dow/regulations/pub085.pdf. Wyatt shot the big 10-pointer, which was incredibly symmetrical. 5. For example, the massive Mike Beatty buck, harvested in Greene County in early November 2000, still tops the P&Y record book as the world's largest non-typical ever taken by vertical bow. The Louisiana record dates back nearly 80 years, all the way to 1943. The Boone and Crockett Club is headquartered in Missoula, Montana. 121. On the water. Status: P&Y's sixth world-record typical whitetail. #2 - Illinois Illinois is #2 overall with 1,445 total entries and has 4 counties in the top 20 U.S. counties . 39 all-time, the Vakoch deer is a whopper. Its G2s, G3s, and G4s are over 10 inches, with two tines over 11, two tines over 13, and one tine over 14 inches. For example, the massive Mike Beatty buck, harvested in Greene County in early November 2000, still tops the P&Y record book as the world's largest non-typical ever taken by vertical bow. The Biggest B&C Record Typical Bucks from Every State, 10 of the Biggest World-Record Bucks Ever, The Biggest B&C Record Whitetail Deer from Every State. For maps and more information about deer hunting at Forked Run, call (740) 378-6206. Bagged in Peoria County, Illinois, in 1965, its held the state record for nearly 60 years. While its main beams are on the shorter side for a record deer (19 6/8 and 23 4/8 inches), it does carry heavy mass. One main beam is 30 inches, and the other is over 29 inches. 8. 79 all-time, much in part thanks to its 31 total points, 18 of which are on the right and 13 on the left. South Dakota, Custer County134 bison in B&C records 53 all-time, it carries 31 points (15 on the left and 16 on the right). 123. Montana, Sanders County132 bighorn sheep in B&C records Think youll never shoot a wall-hanger like one of these? View a colorful, real-time display of an all-species trophy distribution across all states and provinces for any given year. It ranks No. A clean 55, it sports a 23-inch inside spread, and one beam surpasses the coveted 30-inch threshold. LaRue's Ethan Alexander talks about the Siete's features with Game & Fish's Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. California, Tehama County--46 typical Columbia blacktail deer in B&C records Just about every county in the state has produced at least one P&Y buck. Wyoming, Lincoln County--48 typical mule deer in B&C records Score: 197-6/8. 124. New Mexico, Socorro County117 pronghorn in B&C records Taken in Grant County, its No. 5,606 all-time. Rather, its the deers impressive tine length, and the fact that it has sizable G5s, that push it so far ahead. 4 for Boone and Crockett Club trophy whitetail with 1,194 total entries in the recently released sixth edition of the Club's "Records of North American Whitetail Deer." Also noted in the book are the overall state and provincial rankings. Or what is your opinion on this? Deer researchers at Game & Fish Magazine have determined that when it comes to trophy buck hunting trends in New York . However, the inside spread is only 14 2/8 inches. County Road 100 runs along the southern boundary of the area. Advertisement. The Model 336 is expected to be launched soon; the Model 1894 should launch this spring. The inside spread is 21 2/8 inches. Both beams are over 27 inches, and only one of eight mass measurements exceeds 5 inches. A dozen miles southeast of Zanesville, Blue Rock State Forest is another good choice for deer hunters seeking public land in Muskingum County. 7. Taken 130 years ago, the Texas nontypical was bagged by an unknown hunter in McCulloch County. 110. Adjacent to Dillon State Park, the wildlife areas proximity to the non-hunting zone makes it a good choice for hunters who want to see large numbers of deer and some big bucks that use the park land as a refuge. 4 all-time. 583 Acre Boone & Crockett Paradise. Shot nearly 60 years ago in Montgomery County, the Kyress buck is the largest typical ever taken in Pennsylvania and sits at No. Since then, there have been more than a few entries over the 250 mark. I just read an article in Ohio Game and Fish. Now includes mapping! This buck sports a total of 27 points, 18 of which are abnormal. The Boone and Crockett Club has compiled big game records since 1932, when they published the first copy of Records of North American Big Game. Its G2s are a staggering 15 3/8 and 15 6/8 inches long. Its also the largest nontypical of all time, anywhere. For camping or cabin reservations, call (866) 644-6727. The deer, being mature, knew something wasn't right, but after what seemed like an eternity, he finally let the arrow fly. One of three nontypical Booners in South Carolina, the Wood whitetail is a magnificent creature. The biggest buck in Delaware was taken in Sussex County in 2005. Wisconsin, Trempealeau County--36 typical whitetail deer in B&C records This 76 is impressive and lacks nothing. Illinois, Pike County--28 non-typical whitetail deer in B&C records Its G2s and G3s range from 10 to 12 1/8 inches. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Washington, Okanogan County--15 Rocky Mountain goat in B&C records The National Wild Turkey Federation's mission to conserve wild turkey and preserve hunting heritage is still going strong after a half-century. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. Both beams are 22 inches or less and the inside spread is only 15 1/8 inches. 3. The Bailleres buck was taken in 2021 in Zavala County. Eric Lundgren of Ruger, which now owns Marlin, highlights the features of both rifles with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Similar to Kansas in its even distribution of Boone & Crockett entries, Ohio seems to be an equal opportunity employer for big bucks across the state. Both main beams exceed 28 4/8 inches, the inside spread is 21 6/8 inches, and four tines range from 10 2/8 to 13 4/8 inches. No. In 2021, the state managers allocated 307 bighorn permits. 65 all-time. As for typical whitetail deer, only one crosses that 200-point threshold. Wyoming, Sublette County--61 Shiras moose in B&C records Montana, Ravalli County--41 bighorn sheep in B&C records This record whitetail deer also has a 20 6/8-inch inside spread, great tine length, and has only about 4 inches of deductions, which is also quite uncommon. Illinois, Fulton County--26 non-typical whitetail deer in B&C records This clean, 10-point rack boasts a 20 1/8-inch inside spread, 30-inch main beams, and two tines over 13 inches. I think if you averaged hunter density compared to bucks taken in Ohio, some may be surprised at the harvests of other counties. As witnessed by Adams Countys tally of seven Booners, as compared to one for Scioto and four for Pike county since 2013, Adams 7,500 acres of state forest is where you want to hunt. Idaho, Caribou County--1 grizzly bear in B&C records (1900). 116. Illinois, Adams County--24 non-typical whitetail deer in B&C records And with a season that lasts beyond four months, bowhunters have plenty of time to resist drawing on a young buck and wait for an older one to appear. North Carolina, Hyde County--32 black bear in B&C records I consider this 20 mile radius the best place in the United States to harvest a giant whitetail. 88. Deer and turkey hunting are his primary focus, though he also writes frequently about conservation, predator hunting, and small game hunting. Furthermore, two tines exceed 11 inches, two are longer than 12 inches, and one surpasses 13 inches. As a bonus, much of Blue Rock State Forests backcountry is open to easier-than-usual access for hunters afoot and in the saddle via 26 miles of bridle trails that lead into some remote areas of the forest. Permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis, are available to the public and are good for deer hunting only for both the archery and deer gun seasons. Texas, Dimmit County--47 typical whitetail deer in B&C records Even self-proclaimed meat hunters cant deny the magnitude of a trophy buck. 90. The biggest typical in Kansas was taken by Albert J. Daniels during the 1995 season. The Boylan buck is the top nontypical in New York. 745 all-time. There are Boone & Crockett bucks taken in alot of counties in Ohio, but these counties seem to consistantly produce Booner Bucks. They produced 18, 16 and 12 North American trophies . Iowa Bowhunter Goes Stealth Mode with a Tree Saddle to Bag 194-inch Non-typical, Saskatchewan Hunter Finds Target Sheds After Looking for Multiple Days, Night Hunting for Predators Will Help Your Deer Herd, Nebraska Shed Hunter's Wife and Dog Find 6x9 Set One Year After Learning About the Buck, A Look Back at No. It packs 45 points, main beams in the mid-20s, and a 24 3/8-inch inside spread. It has 41 scoreable points, an inside spread of 18 2/8 inches, and beams over 22 and 23 inches. With long beams, tall tines, and great mass, this is a deer for the ages, and is the current, longstanding P&Y world-record typical. 94. 28. The largest typical in the Bluegrass State, the Smith buck was bagged in Pendleton County. The top typical deer in the Hawkeye State, it sports a 13-point rack with scary-good tine length. In this edition of "From The Stand," Pat Hogan explains the importance of being aware of proper clearance when using your bow or crossbow out in the field. Boone and Crockett Club. The mass, spread, and beam length are good, but none of these are beyond exceptional. you could probaby try the odnr website. Ground Zero: Kentucky's Record Bucks. Two measurements are over 8 inches, one is over 7 inches, and four are over 5 inches. Furthermore, while only two tines are greater than 10 inches, it has a lot of scoreable typical points, and grew not only G5s, but also two G6s and one G7. Interestingly, only one mass measurement reaches 5 inches. Plus, the G2s, G3s, and G4s all range from 10 4/8 to 15 3/8 inches. 43 all-time. Wisconsin. 34. The end result was an incredible Boone and Crockett Whitetail with . New Mexico has both whitetails and Coues deerand two of the former were large enough to make the typical record books. Its one of 14 Alabama bucks to make the all-time list. Nathan Simmons of Browning and Game & Fish's John Taranto take a closer look at both cartridges at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Lush farmlands adjacent to forested, rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop for whitetails to mature and reach their genetic potential. 46 all time. 43. 30. It was harvested in Hampshire County in 2018. Trophy hunters always want to know where bucks with the largest racks are being bagged. I prefer Licking County. It even has a whopping 27 6/8-inch inside spread. It packs 31 points, 27 and 28 3/8-inch main beams, and a 20 2/8-inch inside spread. 87. Winchester's Nathan Robinson talks features with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Today, bighorn populations in Colorado number roughly 7,000 animals in 72 herds. Support: support@boone-crockett.org The record bucks brow tines are also only 3 inches, but each of its G2s, G3s, and G4s range between 10 4/8 and 14 1/8 inches. 29 deer all-time. Boone and Crockett Clubs Top 125 trophy counties: 1. Browning Ammunition has two big-game hunting loads new for 2023 that are effective on a wide range of species: the Max Point and Silver Series. 14. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. 40 all time. A mong our nation's enduring myths is that of American exceptionalism centered on populist figures such as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. In the video above, Leopold's Shawn Skipper highlights the features of the exciting new optics with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. They are all large and they all have a good mix of (whitetail) habitat types either on or around them, explained wildlife biologist Jim Hill. Hunters in Texas have killed 200 bucks since 2010 that made book. New Mexico, Rio Arriba County--31 non-typical mule deer in B&C records I believe I will be hunting Brown county next week or Morrow.. The state has seen some real whoppers since 2000, including one non-typical that scored 295-3/8 in 2006. 92 all-time, it scores so well thanks to the 30 points it has. This rack sports a unique, sweeping antler style with long tines and beams. Nevada, Clark County142 desert sheep in B&C records We are located in what is consider the Golden Triangle of Ohio, consisting of Muskingum, Licking, and Coshocton Counties. 8. Mike Clerkin heads to Buffalo County, Wisconsin to bowhunt whitetails. It was taken in New London County. It has a 20 7/8-inch inside spread, beams nearly 27 and 28 inches, and monstrous tine length, five of which are 11 inches or longer. Wisconsin. January 30, 2019 By Paul E. Moore. Stan Potts doubles down in Montana and Wyoming. Make it happen. The Bruner buck is No. For more information, call (800) AT-A-PARK or the Dillon State Park office at (614) 453-4377. The largest state record whitetail was picked up in Providence County in 2011. This is an impressive deer, but it doesnt sport giant main beams, going 23 inches on either side. It has 31 total points, a 19 5/8-inch inside spread, 25- and 26-plus-inch main beams, and more. On the downside, each mass measurement is under 5 inches. Texas 663 entries. The other three deer were taken in the early and mid-2000s. Oregon, Marion County--31 typical Columbia blacktail deer in B&C records Hunters Must Lead the Fight Against Invasive Species, 5 Common Deer Abnormalities Caught on Camera, Ohio Hunter Balances Hunting and Family to Bag 190-inch Typical. Again, both beams beat out all other typical and non-typical deer entered into the Boone & Crockett record books. Go Whole Hog for Delectable Backyard Pork BBQ, Western Whiskerfish: Trophy Flatheads, Channels, Even Blues, It's Tick Season. Wisconsin, Buffalo County--33 non-typical whitetail deer in B&C records It also it has only a 16 2/8-inch inside spread. Oregon, Jackson County93 typical Columbia blacktail deer in B&C records However, all but two mass measurements are less than 5 inches. It was tagged in Grafton County. Available in 180- and 200-grain sizes. its a myth.. 6. The archer was preparing to leave for lunch when he saw the buck of his dreams standing 10 yards away. Issues may also exist for Safari users. Its left and right beams are 18 2/8 and 21 2/8 inches, respectively. However, its beams are quite impressive, measuring 29 5/8 and 29 4/8 inches. 60. The 360 Buckhammer cartridge is designed for lever-action rifles and will be available in two Remington Core-Lokt loads. Pennsylvanias top nontypical was taken in 1942 in Erie County. 6. While its No. One of four nontypical bucks taken in the state, this deer goes 201 7/8 inches. "Consistent trophy production over time is proof that conservation measures are working exceptionally well, and the 125 counties on this list stand out as historic models of success," said Boone and Crockett Club President Ben Wallace. 88 all-time. 15. This deer is utterly incredible and unique. Trophy Buckeye State whitetails thrive on public and private land alike. Most impressive are its mains beams, measuring 31 and 31 2/8 inches. But it really shines in the mass department. Perhaps most impressive is its total mass measurements, surpassing 47 inches. With a 193 3/8 score, it ranks No. Oregon, Linn County--41 typical Columbia blacktail deer in B&C records Harvested in Missoula County, Thomas Dellwos buck is No. Colorado, Moffat County--45 pronghorn in B&C records Antlers: Typical. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service. "The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak. Darker colors indicate more records. Here are three best-bet counties for a trophy. Boone and Crockett Club Associates can receive a discount. But the average age of deer, especially bucks, depends a lot on the choices hunters make. 2. Saskatchewan 805 entries. The Pleskac whitetail is at the top in Big Sky Country and No. The rack ranks 363 all-time and is one of 20 typical whitetails from the state to make the books. Sometimes the opportunity coming around the bend is better than the one just missed. It's given the stick-and-string brigade a bit more hunting time. New Mexico, Catron County--26 typical American elk in B&C records To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Interestingly, 30 of the points on Padgetts buck are abnormal. Talk about serious palmation. 58. Five of eight mass measurements are 5 inches or more. Wisconsin remains the top state for Boone and Crockett Club trophy whitetail with 1,822 total entries in the recently released sixth edition of the Club's "Records of North American Whitetail Deer." The 688-page book compiles state and provincial data of trophy whitetail deer and showcases states like Wisconsin that institute successful conservation measures to support healthy deer . NOTE: This data is copyrighted and is for personal use only. Thanks to its impressive size, its one of 19 typicals to hit or surpass the 200-inch mark, and sits at No. Taken in Burnett County, it is No. The Boone and Crockett Club just announced that the antelope buck he shot last year in New Mexico has been certified as a new world record. 79. Read Next: The Biggest B&C Record Whitetail Deer from Every State. ", Boone and Crockett Club's State Big Game Records, Position Statement on Big Game Records and Hunting, North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. The top buck in Bama was bagged by Jon G. Moss in Perry County. The Gravelle giant is a 27-point monster. Wisconsin topped the B & C list, with 380 trophy entries from 2006 to 2011. All but one mass measurement is over 5 inches. Incredibly, one tine measures more than 10 inches, another over 12 inches, two bigger than 13 inches, and one over 14 inches. Ross brought down this record whitetail deer in Platte County nearly 36 years ago. | At 267 4/8 inches, it ranks No. . No. In 1955, Herman Lunders shot the state record nontypical in Idaho County. No. Before Gallo's trophy, two antelope bucks were tied for the world record at 95 inches. Taken in Norman County, the deer has 41 points, and 20 6/8- and 24 6/8-inch main beams. For more precision, limit the number of counties and categories. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. 62 overall. 109. View this farm for sale with 583 acres by Vanceburg in Lewis County, Kentucky 41179. . Texas. New Mexico, Rio Arriba County--29 cougar in B&C records Mass is on the weaker side for a state record, but it has a 21 6/8-inch inside spread, respectable main beams over 26 and 27 inches, and six tines over 10 inches that range from 10 to 14 3/8 inches. 62. 1 in the state, and was bagged in Edgar County. The buck almost got away, though the bowhunter had narrowly missed a chance to fill his single buck tag with a wide 10-pointer only minutes before the world record appeared. Taken in 1992, the top nontypical in Colorado is 258 2/8 inches. 16 all-time, much in part due to its 36 points, 22 of which are on the right and 14 on the left. 194 reviews of Boone and Crockett "The guys that own Hotel Foster on North Ave. have opened a new spot (bar) on KK. 6 all-time. In essence, of the near three-quarters of a million . In the video above, Matt Willson of Ruger highlights the features with Game & Fish's John Taranto. View this farm for sale with 583 acres by Vanceburg in Lewis County, Kentucky 41179. . Arizona, Gila County--31 typical Coues whitetail deer in B&C records The required permit can be obtained through the Ohio Division of Wildlife, at local businesses near AEP holdings, or online at aep.com/environment/conservation/recland/permit.aspx. It has heavy mass, with one measurement over 8 inches and two over 6 inches. From 1980-2002, Indiana hunters entered 209 Boone and Crockett whitetails into the records. Merrill C. Gilfillan, who was an Ohio Department of Natural Resources writer and former Division of Wildlife biologist, founded the club. During the 2014-15 season, archers bagged more than 34,000 Ohio whitetails. Montana, Lewis & Clark County--40 bighorn sheep in B&C records - The Boone and Crockett Club's . It ranks No. For mapping purposes, the state forest is located at 52425 Number 9 Rd, Reedsville, 45772. 85. Arizona, Pima County--41 desert sheep in B&C records The G2 are very impressive as well, both extending beyond 13 inches. The James Jordan buck is a true spectacle. If Adams County kept a record book of the largest bucks taken in the county, it would look something like this with Richmond's deer easily making the list. | All have ample access, detailed in maps available from the Division of Wildlife or by visiting wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/dillon. If youre still on the fence about entering your trophy, Boone & Crockett encourages you to readWhy Should I Bother to Enter My Trophy. 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. It received only 3 3/8 inches of deductions. The biggest buck taken in South Dakota was harvested in Marshall County. One beam is 30 2/8 inches, while the other is 29 6/8. Its held the record by 1/8 inch since 1974. That's simply unheard of. edition of the book was printed in 2012 feature five new typical bucks including William L. Loyd's 2018 buck from Lee County, Arkansas, that scored 200-1/8 points and ranks #17 All-time and #1 in the state, pending review by the Judges Panel for the 31st Big Game Awards in 2022, as well as three other . 117. 53. Give a Gift District Five Wildlife Management Supervisor Brett Beatty recommends a state forest, and public wildlife area and a preserve for whitetail hunters who want to sample what Adams County has to offer deer-wise this season. 3. Taken in Beaufort County, it has a total of 21 scoreable points. Hunters here also have the opportunity to lease exceptional ground for hunting.